Connecting the Power of Blockchain with the Power of People

Connecting the Power of Blockchain with the Power of People

About Us

BlockConnect is a marketing and consulting agency focused on advancing and helping blockchain based companies in gaining supporters, utility and traction.  Our extensive marketing and industry experience makes us an easy and trusted option for gaining widespread support and credibility.  Our benefit comes from the contacts and partnerships we have made along the way, and the experience with reaching target markets in this sector.

Our Services

BlockConnect provides marketing and targeting services for blockchain based companies that would like to increase their outreach specifically in the United States.  We provide many different levels of support, from total marketing coverage to help with partnerships and short term goals.  BlockConnect can help establish companies in the U.S. through traditional marketing strategies, digital and social marketing strategies, content creation and graphic design, and platform integration, as well as a number of other techniques.  We also accept payment in the form of a project’s specific coin, because we are mutually invested in the project’s success and future.

BlockConnect also serves as a gateway for companies looking to get into the blockchain space.  Partnerships formed between blockchain and non-blockchain companies help progress the industry as a whole, and both parties stand to benefit by learning from each other.